Heating of liquids in 0.5 l round-bottom flasks in the temperature range from room temperature to 450°C.


– Two-zone heating element. Possibility of turning off the upper heating zone.
– The heating mantle is equipped with an electronic voltage regulator. Does not have a transformer.
– The heating element is woven from safe non-toxic fiberglass (Fiberglass) with woven nichrome wire, which eliminates its residual deformation and provides a snug fit to the walls of the vessel to minimize heat loss and increase the energy efficiency of the device.
– Automatic shutdown of the mantle heater in case of overheating, (the device resumes operation when the temperature reaches the permissible norm).
– The metal case of the device is painted with KARUMEL powder paint, which has adhesion resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance.


Technical characteristics:
– Case: steel, covered with powder paint, especially resistant to chemical attack;
– Heating element: woven glass fiber with nichrome wire;
– Maximum heating temperature: 450°С;
– Flask volume: 500 ml;
– Weight: 3.8 kg;
– Overall dimensions (LxWxH) – 200x200x200 mm;
– Voltage: 220-230V, 50/60 Hz;
– Power: 230W