The most economical and lightest glass warmer
on the Russian market!

Heating of liquids in 0.25 l beakers in the temperature range from room t°C to 450°C.
The glass warmer can work together with a magnetic stirrer.


Features: The
heating element is woven into the woven surface of the glass warmer, made of safe non-toxic fiberglass, which provides the following advantages:
• the heating element does not deform;
• heat loss is minimized.


– The cup warmer is supplied without a temperature controller.
– It is recommended to use an economical temperature controller ES-2100 or equivalent. (Soft cup warmers must not be connected to the AC mains without a temperature controller.)
– External execution – fiberglass material Fiber Glass Cloth covered with chemically resistant powder paint.


– Housing: Fiber Glass Cloth, coated with chemical resistant powder paint;
– Heating element: nickel chrome thread;
– Inner lining: woven fiberglass fabric;
– Heating element temperature: maximum 450°С;
– Volume of glass: 250 ml;
– Weight: 1.3 kg;
– Voltage: 220-230V, 50/60 Hz;
– Power: 330W