Laboratory oven for heating, drying and heat treatment of various materials in air at temperatures up to +350°C.

Design features:

  • Programmable microprocessor temperature controller for multi-stage heat treatment and maintaining the temperature of the working chamber with an accuracy of ±1°С
  • Three programs of ten steps with the ability to set the temperature, temperature change rates and holding time
  • Manual heating mode with a timer with sound notification to automatically turn off the heating after a predetermined time
  • Reliable and stable Pt 100 temperature sensor instead of traditional thermocouple for high temperature accuracy
  • Four-sided heating to ensure uniformity and quickly reach the set temperature in the working chamber
  • Forced air circulation in the working chamber
  • Chamber material – stainless steel
  • Illuminated graphic display for simultaneous display of current and set temperatures, program steps and other operating parameters, as well as heating curves and cooking chamber heating rate
  • Conveniently located control panel
  • Sound and light alarm when the current temperature goes beyond the limits of the allowable interval
  • Independent overheat protection circuit with separate temperature sensor
  • Reliable door closing mechanism with a convenient rotary handle to ensure a snug fit of the door to the body of the working chamber
  • High-quality silicone seal with increased wear and heat resistance to provide the necessary thermal insulation of the working chamber
  • Highly effective basalt fiber-based thermal insulation of the cabinet for safe operation with the cabinet at any operating temperature
  • The body is made of high quality sheet steel and painted with heat-resistant powder paint.
  • Number of shelves: standard – 2, maximum – 6


  • Maximum heating temperature, ° С +350
  • Error of reproduction of the set temperature °С ±3
  • Temperature maintenance error, °С ± 1
  • Warm-up time to maximum temperature, no more, min 45
  • Chamber volume, l 58
  • Dimensions of the working chamber, (WxHxD), mm 390x360x385
  • Overall dimensions, (WxHxD), mm 680x580x695
  • Rated supply voltage, V 220
  • Rated power, W 2200