Purpose of the biological safety cabinet class III (code 342.180 ex. 320.180):

  • Protection of the operator and the environment from contamination by aerosols that occur when working with pathogenic biological agents (PBA) and microorganisms, including higher (especially dangerous) pathogenicity groups;
  • Protection of working agents inside the working chamber from external contamination;
  • When connected to a personal active exhaust ventilation system, it can be used for protection when working with small amounts of toxic chemicals and radionuclides, as well as for removing odors from working agents.

Application of BMB-III-“Laminar-S”-1.8 (code 342.180 ex. 320.180):

The box is designed to equip individual workplaces of medical, pharmaceutical and other institutions that work with microorganisms of I-II-III-IV pathogenicity (danger) groups and pathogens of parasitic diseases in accordance with SP 1.3.2322-08, SP 1.3.2518-09, SP 1.3.3118-13.

The model has 4 glove ports, which allows two operators to work simultaneously.

Standard version

Working chamber

  • a working chamber – all-welded from stainless steel;

front window – lifting, for the possibility of loading equipment, equipped with four oval glove ports, glass material “triplex”, resistant to UV radiation and disinfectant solutions;

Each glove port contains chambered gloves that are highly resistant to UV radiation, ozone, natural aging, acids and alkalis;

  • the pallet for collecting liquid without a drain mouth in the bottom part of a working chamber;

LED lighting of the working chamber;

Removable block of sockets in the working chamber of the box (in the middle at the junction between the pallet and the back wall);

UV lamp in the working chamber of the box;

  • Negative pressure indicator (differential pressure gauge).

Cleaning system for incoming and outgoing air

  • cleaning of the air entering the working chamber, two-stage: it takes place through the preliminary coarse filter G4 and the supply HEPA filter H14, located above the working chamber;
  • purification of the air removed from the working chamber, two-stage: occurs through two successively installed outlet HEPA filters H14;
  • to remove air from the box, the supply and exhaust filter-ventilation module is equipped with two fans.

transfer gateway

  • the case of the lock – from stainless steel;

two doors for transferring objects to the working chamber and removing objects from the box;

  • lock doors are equipped with electric and mechanical locks;

handle on the inner and outer doors;

windows in the doors of the airlock made of tempered glass;

Two UV lamps

  • LED lighting of the gateway;
  • Roll-out perforated table top for easy loading of items into the working chamber and UV treatment of the bottom of the material container.

Elements of the control system

  • system of electroautomatics microprocessor;

touch box control panel;

  • push-button gateway control panel with indication of the state of doors and locks of the gateway;

air flow parameters sensors;

Fixed power cable

Separate fuses for fans and removable socket block;

  • power off button of the removable block of sockets installed in the working chamber.

Elements for adjusting airflow parameters

adjusting damper (shiber).

Elements for testing HEPA filters

  • to check the integrity of HEPA filters – built-in air sampling fittings.

The main characteristics of the biological safety cabinet class III BMB-III-“Laminar-S”-1.8

Air purity class in the working chamber according to the concentration of suspended particles (aerosols)
according to GOST ISO 14644-1-2002
Boxing class according to GOST R EN 12469-2010, NSF/ANSI 49 III
Class of installed HEPA filters according to GOST R EN 1822-1-2010 H14
Pre-filter class according to GOST R EN 779-2014 G4
Illumination of the working area, Lux, not less than 1500
Minimum negative pressure in the working chamber, Pa, not less than 200
Constantly maintained (working) negative pressure in the working chamber, Pa, not less than 250
Filtration of air:
– entering the working chamber
– removed from the working chamber
two-stage (G4, H14)
two-stage (H14, H14)
Degree of recycling without recirculation

Basic parameters and dimensions of a laminar flow cabinet for biological safety class III

Overall dimensions of the box with a gateway (WxDxH), mm 2320x750x1920*
Dimensions of the working chamber (WxDxH), mm 1740x640x675
Power consumed by the box (excluding the load on the built-in socket block), W, not more than 420
Total maximum allowable load on the built-in socket block, W, no more 1420