Purpose of the microbiological safety cabinet class III

(code 332.180 ex. 330.180):

This biological safety cabinet provides the maximum primary level of protection for the product, personnel and the environment when working with agents and microorganisms of pathogenicity groups I-II.

Boxing is designed for simultaneous operation of operators located opposite each other.

Application of BMB-III-“Laminar-S”-1.8 (code 332.180)

Work with both microorganisms that are safe for human health and pathogenic agents and microorganisms of I-II-III-IV pathogenicity groups

  • Pharmaceutics
  • Organic synthesis

Criminalistics, etc.

Key Features of Class III Biosafety Cabinet

BMB -III-“Laminar-S”-1.8 (code 332.180)

Air purity class in the working chamber according to the concentration of suspended particles (aerosols)
according to GOST ISO 14644-1-2002
Boxing class according to GOST R EN 12469-2010, NSF/ANSI 49 III
Class of installed HEPA filters according to GOST R EN 1822-1-2010 H14
Pre-filter class according to GOST R EN 779-2007 G4
Average air flow speed in the working chamber, m/s 0.25
Illumination of the working field, Lux, not less than 1000
Minimum negative pressure in the working chamber, Pa, not less than 200
Filtration of air:
– entering the working chamber
– removed from the working chamber
two-stage (G4,H14)
two-stage (H14,H14)
Degree of recycling without recirculation

Main parameters and dimensions of the biological safety cabinet class III BMB-III-“Laminar-S”-1.8 (code 332.180) :

Dimensions of the working chamber (WxDxH), mm 1740x650x755
Overall dimensions of the box with a stand (WxDxH), mm 2640x790x1825
Boxing weight, kg, no more 600
Productivity for clean air supplied to the working chamber of the box, m3/h, not less than 770
Power consumed by the box (without taking into account the load on the socket blocks), W, not more than 1200
Total maximum allowable load on socket blocks, W, not more than 1000