Laboratory scales ViBRA LN.

Professional laboratory scales of the highest class of the LN series – the most saturated in terms of range and capabilities of the ViBRA series, based on the Tuning-Fork sensor, which allows achieving high reproducibility of weighing results.
All the advantages of the unique technology are realized in the many functions and features of this series. The LN range includes 22 models to meet the needs of any laboratory. Overload resistance (15 times), independence of readings from ambient temperature and immunity to electromagnetic interference makes the LN series balances an indispensable assistant in daily high-precision measurements.
Built-in weight for scales with MAX 220-4200 g.
The body is made of chemically resistant and impact resistant aluminum alloy.


  • Unique Tuning-Fork sensor.
  • The Tuning-Fork sensor is a high reliability and stability of indications, an input in an operating mode within 1 minute.
  • Aluminum alloy body.
  • Large stainless steel platform and transparent protective case.
  • Bright fluorescent display with load bar graph.
  • Easy to read in any light, bright fluorescent display with load bar graph.
  • Density measurement mode.
  • Allows you to easily calculate the density, thanks to the density measurement kit.
  • Statistical function for quality control.
  • Automatic calculation of statistical data.
  • Used for checking and quality control on the production line.
  • Information can be transmitted to a printer or computer.
  • Calibration with external and built-in weights.
  • Usually, the calibration process takes a lot of time and effort; in VIBRA LN RCE scales, it is enough to press one CAL button to start calibration (in models with built-in calibration).
  • Warranty 7 years.
  • The scales are made in Japan, the warranty for the Tuning-Fork sensor is 7 years.


Model ViBRA LN-3202RCE
Max 3,200 years
Min 0.5 years
discreteness 0.01 years
Accuracy class High (II)
Display Fluorescent
Platform size 200 x 200 mm
Calibration Internal
Interface RS-232C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 220 x 333 x 88mm
The weight ≈ 4.0 kg