Analytical balance Vibra HT 224RCE on the Tuning-Fork sensor.

The ViBRA HT series electronic balance is a robust analytical balance that offers all the benefits of the Tuning-Fork sensor. Balances of the HT series are designed in a compact case, do not require warming up, and have high reproducibility of results. The HT Series provides a comfortable and highly accurate level of measurement in daily laboratory work.


counting mode;
percentage weighing;
density measurement;
statistical function;
support for GLPGMP protocols;
the possibility of weighing under the scales.

The use of the Tuning-Fork sensor in the ViBRA HT series provides the user with unique benefits:

Quick start – enter the operating mode within 1 minute;
High accuracy and reproducibility of results;
Extremely low dependence on temperature and environment;
Overload resistance (15 times).

7 years warranty

The “Se-CAL” function reports the need for calibration after a specified time interval or with temperature changes. This guarantees continuous compliance with operating standards for highly accurate measurement results.

The stability and speed of response must be correct depending on the nature of the object being measured and the surrounding conditions. The Easy RES feature allows the user to change the response speed by simply pressing the SET button. Adjust the response speed to your sample and conditions.

Density determination is made easy with the density measurement kit (optional). The density measuring kit is suitable for working with solid, liquid, porous and viscous media. Density measurement with the ViBRA HT Series balance has become a standard part of everyday work.

Substances such as powders and liquids often remain on the surface of the balance and windshield. The simplicity of the design of the ViBRA HT series allows you to easily disassemble the scale for cleaning and reassemble. This simplifies day-to-day operations and improves efficiency.

ViBRA HT series balances are equipped with an RS232C interface as standard with the ability to connect to a printer, PC and other devices. You can save measurement results in both printed and digital form.



Model HT224RCE
Max, g 220
Min, g 0.01
Discreteness, g 0.0001
Accuracy class Special (I)
Display LCD with backlight
Platform size, mm Ø 80
Calibration internal
Interface RS232C
Dimensions, mm 213×290×314
Weight, kg ≈2.9