Explosion-proof Scales VIBRA GZII-12KCEX.

Explosion-proof scales VIBRA GZII-12KCEX powered by batteries. Are intended for work in explosive zones “0”: certified according to the ATEX standards.

Unique advantages of VIBRA GZII-12KCEX scales on the Tuning-Fork sensor:

  • The only scale on the market with a 1-minute entry into the operating mode;
  • The lowest number of failures and breakdowns in the precision weighing market;
  • The lowest dependence of readings on ambient temperature;
  • The highest resistance to overload – up to 15 times.

The ViBRA GZ series scales, the only one of its kind, can be used even in areas where the occurrence or presence of explosive mixtures and gases is unavoidable.

Explosion proof marking:

  • Zone 0 – a zone in which the presence or occurrence of explosive mixtures or gases is unavoidable.
  • Zone 1 – there is a possibility of the presence of an explosive gas mixture under normal operating conditions.
  • Zone 2 – a zone in which the presence or occurrence of explosive mixtures or gases is unlikely.
  • Housing made entirely of stainless steel;
  • The wear-resistant case, completely made of stainless steel, allows you to get high-precision measurement results in harsh environments and Ex-zones;
  • Possibility to choose scales with one of 2 types of power supply;
  • Powered by “dry” batteries or from a remote barrier-type power supply;
  • In GZ series ViBRA scales, it is optionally possible to install a power supply unit at a distance of up to 100 m from the explosive zone where the scales will be placed.

Scope of application:

  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Defense-industrial complex;
  • Production of paint and varnish products;
  • Chemistry and petrochemistry/


  • Summation
  • Compare mode.


MAX 12 kg
MIN 5 g
discreteness 0.1 g
Accuracy class High (II)
Display liquid crystal
Platform size 250×202 mm
Calibration External 5 kg F2
Dimensions 349x250x408 mm
The weight 9 kg
Food Batteries R14P 6×1.5V