Infrared moisture analyzer FD-800 (120g, 0.001g, external calibration), KETT.

Modern infrared thermogravimetric moisture analyzer that allows you to determine the moisture content with an accuracy of 0.01%. Memory for 100 results, 7 drying modes and 10 built-in programs allow you to use the device for a wide range of samples in various fields of agriculture, science and industry. Drying temperature from 30 to 240 °C.
The heating source is a 625W infrared quartz lamp developed by KETT Electric Laboratory. The lamp operates in the mid-wave infrared range and does not create magnetic fields that affect the detection sensor. The lamp life is 5 to 10 times that of a halogen lamp.
Temperature measurement directly on the sample using a radiation thermometer, numeric keypad for easy instrument setup.
The patented automatic tare system compensates for reading drift even during long drying times (up to 240 minutes) and significantly improves measurement accuracy.
The moisture meter is easy to operate, equipped with a protected membrane keyboard and a bright liquid crystal display indicating the selected mode and built-in program, temperature, sample weight, moisture content and dry residue (%).
The moisture analyzer is supplied with two weighing platforms with holders, a set of spoons, a spare mains fuse and 20 disposable sample drying cups.
The infrared thermogravimetric moisture meter KETT FD-800 is made in Japan, the manufacturer’s warranty for the device is 3 years.


Model Kett FD-800
NPS 120 g
NmPV 0.5 g
discreteness 0.001 g
Accuracy class
Display liquid crystal
Platform size, mm Diameter 130 mm, depth 13 mm
Calibration External, 100 g F1
Dimensions, mm 220x415x190 mm
Weight, kg 4.5
Interface RS-232C
Food 220V/50Hz