Explosion-proof Scales VIBRA GZH-B610 CEX on the TUNING_FORK sensor.

In industrial areas, highly accurate measurements are often made in the presence of explosive vapors and gases. Scales of the GZ series provide a high level of measurement in 1 and 2 explosive zones. Dry battery type is available for all GZ series models, the installation of which does not require complex installation work. Explosion-proof scales with built-in calibration. Fast calibration and high stability of indications are guaranteed.

Application area:


T1 Acetone, benzene, ammonia, methanol, ethane, toluene, propane, methane, acetic acid coke oven gas, acrylonitrile, hydrocyanic acid, cyclopropane hydrogen
T2 Ethanol, butanol, butane, methyl ethylbenzene, solvents Ethylene, ethylene oxide, ethyl acrylate acetylene
T3 gasoline, hexane, pentane Acrylaldehyde, dimethyl ether
T4 Acetaldehyde, trimethylamine Ethyl methyl ether, diethyl ether
T5 carbon disulfide
T6 Ethyl nitrite Ethyl nitrite


Possibility to choose one of 2 types of power supply: barrier type power supply or dry battery power supply. Barrier type power supply – no grounding required. Powered by dry batteries. No installation work required, guaranteed 150 hours of continuous operation.


  • Rugged stainless steel housing ideal for harsh industrial environments;
  • Mirror weighing platform available in GZII-(B)2000(C)Ex, 6000(C)Ex, all GZH(-B) series models;
  • Included in the register of SI RF Registration number 55078-13 GOST OIML R 76-1-2011;
  • Accuracy class – high (II);
  • Quick weighing, bar graph display;
  • 20-bar bar graph display shows the current load;
  • Regular maintenance of measurement accuracy;
  • Convenient comparator function with setting of 2 limit values;
  • The result is indicated by an arrow on the display: HI (a lot), OK (normal), LO (little);
  • Easy connection of external devices.

ViBRA GZ series scales can be connected to a printer, PC and other devices.

General specification:


Measurement system Tuning Fork Sensor
Tare weight Gross maximum weight
Display liquid crystal




Model ViBRA GZH-B610Cex
Max 610 g
Min 0.5 g
discreteness 0.01 g
Accuracy class High (II)
Display liquid crystal
Calibration Internal
Platform size Ø 140 mm
Interface Not
Dimensions (WxDxH) 250x349x408 mm
The weight 8.5 kg