Laboratory scales ViBRA GZH-30KCEX.

Explosion-proof laboratory scales ViBRA GZH-30KCEX powered by a power supply unit are designed to operate in explosive zones “1” and “2”: in the presence of explosive substances, gases, vapors or their mixtures.

Benefits of Tuning-Fork technology:

  • Quick start – enter the operating mode within 1 minute;
  • High accuracy and reproducibility of results;
  • Extremely low dependence on ambient temperature;
  • Overload resistance (15 times).

Safety category 0 Ex ia IIB T4 X. Level of explosion protection corresponding to especially explosion-proof equipment in which special measures and means of protection against explosion are applied.

Two power supply options:

  • Remote remote unit, up to 100 m
  • Powered by “dry” batteries – up to 150 hours of operation from 6 1.5V batteries, no cabling required.

External calibration. Calibration with an external weight. Wear resistant body. The case and platform of scales are made of stainless steel


  • Accounting for tare weight;
  • Comparator mode for dosing and mixing.


NPV 30 kg
NmPV 50 years
discreteness 1 year
Accuracy class High (II)
Display liquid crystal
Platform size, mm 270×250
Calibration Internal
Dimensions, mm 487x253x142
Weight, kg 18
Food AC 220V/50Hz