Scales laboratory VIBRA ALE 2202R.

The unique advantages of ViBRA scales on the Tuning-Fork sensor:

  • The only scale on the market with a 1-minute entry into the operating mode;
  • The lowest number of failures and breakdowns in the precision weighing market;
  • The lowest dependence of readings on ambient temperature;
  • The highest resistance to overload – up to 15 times.

Short response times are indispensable for efficient weighing. The ViBRA ALE series balances have significantly reduced the stabilization (response) time using new technology. Extended range for scales with built-in calibration from Max up to 15 kg. Thanks to its low power consumption, the ViBRA ALE series scales can run on dry batteries. This allows the balance to be used in places without the possibility of connecting to a power point. A completely redesigned user interface with enhanced functionality will make working with the scales comfortable and ergonomic. ViBRA ALE series scales have 4 “free” buttons on the front panel, which are easily programmed for quick access to frequently used functions. The compact balance body of the ALE series allows the use of balances in the smallest laboratories. In addition, they fit easily into any laminar or glove box. As standard, the ViBRA ALE series balances have RS232C and USB for connecting to external devices. On a clear, bright and large LCD display, the user can read the readings without errors even in harsh industrial conditions. Scales of the ALE series allow you to weigh animals in the laboratory. A short response time increases the accuracy of the readings and the speed of measurements. The stability and speed of obtaining the result must be correct depending on the nature of the measured object. ViBRA scales of the ALE series allow you to weigh animals in the laboratory. ViBRA scales of the ALE series allow, by entering the settings of user IDs, to solve various production tasks of several operators.

Scope of application:

  • Laboratory research;
  • Pharmaceutics and biotechnology;
  • Food production;
  • Chemistry and petrochemistry.


Model ViBRA ALE 3202
MAX 3200 g
discreteness 0.01 g
Accuracy class High (II)
Display LCD with backlight
Platform size 160x180mm
Calibration External
Interface RS-232C, USB
Dimensions 265x192x86 mm
The weight 2.7 kg
Made in Japan
Warranty 7 years
Certificate of primary metrological verification included