The ViBRA MD analyzer is equipped with the largest platform in its class, a built-in microlift and an extended life carbon convector. Moisture measurement is carried out by comparing the mass of the original sample and after its complete drying.


Innovative heating element. The heating source is a carbon convector with polymer coating. This heater emits infrared radiation 4 times stronger than halogen. The service life of the convector is 7,000 hours, which is more than 3 years of daily operation without replacing the heating element;

Extended drying temperature range (30 – 180 °C). The drying temperature range starts from 30 °C, which allows you to evenly heat the most sensitive samples without preventing moisture from evaporating. A step of 1 ° C allows you to select the drying program as accurately as possible;

Built-in microlift. The Moisture Analyzer has a built-in micro-lift which, by lifting the sample for drying, unloads the load cell and prevents it from heating up. This extends the life of the sensor and improves the reproducibility of the results;

Increased to 110 mm platform size. The increased size of the platform allows you to work with samples of a larger mass and evenly distribute them over the platform;

Simple structure, easy to clean. The simple structure makes it easy to disassemble and assemble the load receptor, convenient for cleaning.


COM to USB cable
ViBRA VZ-330- Matrix printer

Additional equipment and accessories:

ViBRA DA-2 – Disposable sample cups (50pcs)
ViBRA FDL-012 software
ViBRA FW-100 – windscreen with deodorizing filter
ViBRA TQ-100 – laboratory mill

Scope of application:

The medicine;

Science and education;

Food production;

Jewelry production.


Model ViBRA MD-83
Max 80 g
Min 1 g
Humidity resolution 0.01 – 0.1%
Drying temperature 30 – 180 °С, with a resolution of 1 °С
Display LCD with backlight
Heating element Infrared carbon convector with polymer coating
Platform size Ø 110 mm, depth 11 mm
Calibration External
Interface RS-232C
Modes 2 drying modes
5 save settings
Microlift built-in
Dimensions (WxDxH) 222x360x196 mm
The weight ≈ 3.2 kg
Verification Included in the price
Production Made in Japan
Guarantee Warranty 1 year