Massa-K 4D-P-1000 platform

Platform scales 4D-P – the most popular type of scales with capacity from 1 ton, designed for statistical weighing in industrial enterprises, warehouses, agro-industry and other industries. The largest weighing limit of platform scales varies from 1000 to 3000 kg, depending on the model. The accumulator of scales provides autonomous food till 30 o’clock. Platform scales can be made of stainless or structural steel.

Platform scales MASS-K 4D-P for animals:

Wireless connection of the scales
Radio channel (range – 100 m)
Time of continuous operation from the battery – 40 hours
Protection class of the weighing platform platform scales with a transceiver – IP66
Operating temperature range: from -30° to +50°С
Scales connection via cable
Operating temperature range: from -30° to +50°С