Scales Massa-K MK-15.2-A20

Scales are designed to measure the mass of various cargoes in trading, accounting and technological operations. They allow to work in counting mode, percentage weighing and weight control modes (comparator mode).

Additional operating modes:

  • counting mode (counting the number of piece goods by weight)
  • percentage weighing mode
  • comparator weighing mode (reaching the set weight is accompanied by sound and visual signals)
  • calculation of the total mass of goods
  • Setting the tare weight: by pressing the “T” button.


Maximum load, kg fifteen
Minimum load, kg 0.04
Reading resolution, g 2/5
Calibration range, kg 6
Mass of scales net/gross, kg 2.7/3.3
Overall dimensions of scales (WxDxH), mm 345x310x56
Platform size (LxW), mm 336×240
Operating temperature range of the terminal, °С -10 to +40
LED indicator, pcs. one
Included in delivery:
– network adapter, pcs. one