We offer to equip your training center with the latest IR analyzer, which will allow you to:

  • Keeping pace with the times, distinguishing it favorably from other educational institutions
  • To transfer to students really useful knowledge and skills that will be really useful in the future
  • To teach students not only to conduct analyzes on an IR analyzer, but also to create calibrations themselves (to examine any product), which will increase their value as specialists
  • To teach students the principles of determining the falsification of products and agricultural. raw materials using the infrared method. The topic of falsification is especially relevant today!

Why infrared analyzers are the future?


Many manufacturers of agricultural raw materials and food products choose to purchase analyzers for their laboratory instead of chemical methods of analysis, because this provides certain advantages:

    • Fast results – only 3 minutes (compared to several hours with chemical methods of analysis)
    • Reducing operator errors (increasing the objectivity of the analysis)
    • No need for chemicals
    • Low cost analysis
    • Time saving
    • There is no need to search for highly qualified personnel
    • No loss in accuracy of results (IR accuracy is comparable to chemical analysis methods) and reproducibility is often even better

The infrared method is universal and applicable to control the quality parameters of a wide range of substances and products:

  • Meat and meat products (fat, protein, collagen, moisture, etc.)
  • Milk and dairy products (fat, protein, solids, moisture, lactose, etc.)
  • Feed and compound feed (fat, protein, ash content, humidity, etc.)
  • Flour, grain and bakery products (fat, protein, gluten, ash content, falling number, etc.)
  • And other

Trends in the development of modern laboratories show that IR analyzers are being purchased more and more often!



Why choose the SibSCAN IR analyzer?

  • The analyzer is produced in Russia, while the element base is 100% imported, which gives high reliability indicators (measuring module manufactured by HAMAMATSU, Japan)
  • The cost of the analyzer is at least 2-3 times lower than foreign analogues
  • Delivery for educational institutions includes:

-ready-made demonstration calibration for milk powder (the analyzer is ready for use)

– a laptop and special software for Windows, in which you can create your own calibrations, modify existing calibrations, receive data from the analyzer and save reports

– detailed instructions for working with the analyzer, as well as materials on the use of the infrared method of analysis

  • We are ready to carry out commissioning of the analyzer and conduct training on your territory
  • We are close to you and ready to provide technical and informational support throughout the life of the analyzer!