Principle of action

The analyzer is based on the NIR spectroscopy method based on the relationship between the infrared absorption spectrum and the component composition of the sample: the location of the bands in the absorption spectrum carries information about the qualitative composition of the samples, and the intensity of the bands about the concentration of the corresponding component.

NIR analysis has a number of advantages over chemical methods of analysis:

  • receiving data in real time;
  • accuracy of chemical arbitration methods of analysis without the use of consumables and chemical reagents;
  • ease of use and maintenance: high qualification of personnel is not required;
  • minimizing the cost of the laboratory;

NIR analysis requires minimal sample preparation and allows you to measure multiple parameters simultaneously. The analysis time is 2-3 minutes.


The package includes:

  • “SibSCAN” analyst;
  • laptop;
  • software for Windows;
  • connection cables;
  • CD with documentation and software;
  • set of cuvettes.

Analyzed substances and parameters


Product Fat Protein Dry stuff Moisture Lactose Sugar
Powdered milk + + +
Cottage cheese + + + *
Curd mixes + + + *
Yogurt and dairy products + + + *
Butter + + +
Cheese + + +

(*) – on request


This table shows the main features of the analyzer. To clarify the information you are interested in, please contact us. The list of analyzed substances of determined indicators can be extended.

Using the software supplied with the analyzer, each of our clients can independently create their own calibrations.


Simplicity of work with the analyzer

1 operator selects one of the graduations; 2 fills the cuvette with sample; 3 gets the result after a few minutes.

Connecting to a computer

The analyzer is controlled by a personal computer. The package includes software for Windows.


The software allows:

  • receive data from the analyzer online;
  • save measurement results to the database;
  • work with measurement data for any period of time;
  • generate and print reports;
  • create your own graduations.


Warranty and service

Warranty – 1 year. Service is carried out in the shortest possible time and at a high professional level.