Portable, high-speed self-powered grain moisture meter.
Designed to determine the mass fraction of moisture and temperature of wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Grain moisture meter “Эвлас – 5” is necessary in conditions requiring express analysis of large volumes of grain. The result is recorded without sampling, weighing, grinding and drying. The moisture meter rod simply needs to be immersed in the test material. The analysis time is 2-3 seconds.

The use of the moisture meter “Эвлас – 5” allows you to increase the volume of the product under study, significantly reduce the time of analysis and simplify the procedure for its implementation.

The moisture meter is used in granaries, barns, herds, wagons, vehicles, as well as in the storage and processing of grain, directly at the sampling sites.

“Эвлас – 5” provides control of grain self-heating process.


  • The unique mathematical models built into the analyzer eliminate the influence of the density of the grain backfill
  • Convenience – direct digital display of moisture and temperature
  • Durability – design with no moving parts
  • Efficiency – high speed of analysis allows you to make the required number of measurements and get real information about the state of large lots of grain
  • Autonomy – the battery lasts for a day of work, after which it needs to be recharged

Measurement time

The time of a single measurement of humidity and temperature is no more than 2-3 seconds.


Allows the user to calibrate the moisture meter to a list of products that are not included in the standard set, as well as to exclude the constant component of the error from the measurement results.

PC synchronization

To make it easier to use the moisture meter with a computer, it comes with everything you need to connect, including a USB cable, adapter and software for Windows.


“Эвлас – 5” is registered in the State Register of measuring instruments under No. 29379-05, certificate No. 20919 dated 06.07.05. At the moment, the certificate is not valid, the analyzer can be used for internal control.
Service maintenance

Warranty: 1 year
If necessary, service centers will provide free warranty repair and post-warranty service. Repairs are carried out at a high technical level and in the shortest possible time.