The most popular moisture meter in the Wile range is the WILE 55 grain moisture meter. Easy to use and reliable. It has 16 calibrations in the database for the most common crops.

Purpose of goods

Grain moisture meter WILE-55 in Krasnodar is one of the most important laboratory instruments in all areas of activity that are associated with the production and processing of agricultural products.
The WILE-55 grain moisture meter operates in the high frequency region using a temperature compensation system, so it has the highest accuracy.
Thus, the WILE-55 grain moisture meter allows you to measure grain moisture more accurately than other testers with a lower operating frequency or
with unpressed samples. In addition, the WILE-55 grain moisture meter is easy to operate and convenient to use.
The WILE-55 tester has a direct reading scale for 16 different types of grain, the most commonly used. You can select any of the 12 types of grain by simply pressing the buttons.
Another feature of the moisture meter is the ability to calibrate the instrument to the specific needs of your elevator, if required. The device easily returns to the factory calibration. Each measurement mode is stored in the instrument’s memory.
The grain moisture meter itself reminds you of the possibility of calibrating for specific types of grain with each subsequent measurement.
Technical characteristics of the tester, namely the humidity measurement range:
– cereals 8-35
– legumes 8-40
– oilseeds 5-25

Humidity measurement error, %

— in the range from 5 to 20% no more than 1.0
– in the range over 20 and up to 35%

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