• width 520 mm
  • height 490 mm
  • depth 500 mm

Weight: 32kg

Power consumption:

  • in heating mode 1000 W.
  • in isotherm 300 °C 370 W.

Technical solution of the chromatograph

The improved design of the “Crystal 2000M” chromatograph retained its necessary qualities: low cost, economy, simplicity and ease of use. At the same time, thanks to the ideology borrowed from the K5000 GC, a number of important user characteristics have been improved: column oven volume, access to nodes during maintenance, and configuration flexibility.
When creating the updated modification “Crystal 2000M”, only proven and time-tested technical solutions were used.

Column thermostat

Dimensions (for installing chromatographic columns) width 250 mm, height 290 mm, depth 170 mm
Working temperature from ambient temperature +5 °C to 450 °C resolution of the task 0.1 °C
Programming speed from 1 to 50 °С/min, resolution of the task 0.1 °С/min
Number of isotherms task resolution 0.1 °С/min
Electronic flow and pressure regulators

Inlet pressure from 0.36 to 0.60 MPa
Number of electronic flow and pressure regulators 6
Carrier gas consumption from 5 to 500 ml / min
Hydrogen consumption from 5 to 500 ml / min
Air consumption from 5 to 800 ml / min
Detectors and evaporators

Detectors Accident, PID, TID, EZD, PFD, FID
Number of detectors up to two
Number of evaporators up to two
Two thermostatic zones for evaporators and two thermostatic zones for detectors
Detector polling frequency 10 to 250 Hz

Modifications 4-, 6-, 10-port rotary Manual or automatic Temperature controlled or unheated
Electric operated automatic cranes up to two total
Number of evaporators up to two
For installation of taps, two temperature-controlled zones up to 150 °С (up to 250 °С – high-temperature version)
Data transfer

Analog with electronic attenuator (output signal 0..10 mV)
RS-232C interface, USB