The price is for the base unit with a conductometric detector. To receive a commercial offer for the device in the working configuration, please contact the manager.

Ion chromatograph Stayer-M

The new generation of “smart” chromatographs Stayer – the best metrological and technological characteristics. New user features.

The ion chromatographic system Stayer-M is designed for the analysis of inorganic and organic ions in waters of various origins and in aqueous extracts, according to standardized and certified methods.

Used to determine inorganic F-, Cl-, NO3-, NO2-, Br-, SO42-, PO43-, Li+, Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr+ and other ions, as well as organic ions in aqueous solutions, natural, waste, drinking and bottled waters.

The Styer-M chromatograph includes a pump with a built-in degasser, an eluent preparation unit with a system for suppressing background electrical conductivity, and a conductometric detector; thermostat supplied on request.

Key Features:

  • high sensitivity, reproducibility and analysis speed – from 15 to 20 minutes for basic anions;
  • the ability to work in one- and two-column versions;
  • a separate eluent preparation unit;
  • built-in background conductivity suppression system;
  • polymer fluid path;
  • installation of any types of columns;
  • microprocessor control of the operation of the system modules via a special Akvilon BUS;
  • high reliability and easy maintenance.

For the Stayer-M line, a completely new, “smart” monoblock column thermostat with real temperature maintenance accuracy, no worse than 0.1 ° C, has been developed. The design provides not only heating, but also forced cooling at a high speed. The thermostat housing does not heat up during operation.

The specialized Akvilon Control Center software will help you update the built-in versions of the block control programs. Chromatograph interfaces: Akvilon BUS, RS-232, USB, analog output.

Specifications of the ion chromatograph Stayer


Zero signal fluctuation noise level, μS/cm 6×10-1
Zero signal drift, µS/cm/h 20
Detection limit, g

chloride ions

sodium ions



Cell volume, µl 20
Cell temperature range, °C from 40 to 60
Temperature maintenance accuracy of the cell thermostat, °C 0,1
Fluid path material PEEK/SS316
Time to reach operating mode, min 20
Relative standard deviation of the output signal, %

peak areas

peak heights

retention time




Accuracy of cell temperature maintenance, °C, no more 0,1
Relative change in output signal value, %, for 8 hours of continuous operation 3
Processor Software Remote Update Availability


The power supply of the ion chromatograph Stayer-M is carried out by single-phase alternating current with a voltage of 220V ±10% and a frequency of 50±1 Hz, power consumption is 150VA.

Currently, more than twenty methods have been developed for liquid chromatographs by Styer, including for ion chromatography:

  • a method for measuring the mass concentration of ammonium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and strontium cations in samples of drinking, mineral, table, medicinal table, natural and waste water by ion chromatography;
  • a method for measuring the mass concentration of fluoride, chloride, nitrate, phosphate and sulfate ions in samples of drinking, mineral, table, medicinal table, natural and waste water by ion chromatography;
  • method for measuring the mass concentration of chlorite and chlorate ions in drinking water by ion chromatography.

Additionally can be supplied:

1) chromatographic columns;
2) sample preparation equipment;
3) deionizer D-301.