This product is temporarily not supplied, we offer an analogue: Fetal doppler “BF-600+”

The BF-600 series fetal heart rate (FHR) Doppler detector is a device for detecting fetal heart rate (FHR) in a hospital or clinic.
– This detector is simple and stable in operation, makes clear sounds and is easy to carry.
– The detector is powered by a rechargeable battery or an adapter.
– The detector has high sensitivity and produces clear and loud sounds.
– The detector can be used as a tele-monitor via telephone or cable connection to the hospital computer center.


– Determination of blood flow in the carotid arteries.
– Determination of heart rate after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
– Determination of blood flow through the umbilical cord.
– Determination of blood flow in the placenta.


Frequency: 2.5MHz ± 0.25MHz.
Power: 5 mW/cm2.
Food: from the recharged accumulator.
Action time: > 6 hours. Temperature: 10-40? S.
Dimensions: 220 (L) x 130 (H) x 190 (W).
Net weight: 1000g