Exhaust cabinet for muffle furnaces NV-800 ShVp

Exhaust cabinet for heating furnaces.

The chamber of the laboratory fume hood is sheathed with porcelain stoneware from the inside.

Laboratory fume hoods are used when working with toxic and harmful volatile materials, with pure materials, with dissolution or decomposition under heat treatment, when analyzing samples, and many others.
The table top of the laboratory fume hood is made of porcelain stoneware as standard.
Porcelain tile (tile) has a number of advantages:

  • resistant to prolonged exposure to acids, alkalis and organic solvents,
  • has a high mechanical resistance,
  • able to withstand high temperatures
  • limited resistance to hydrofluoric acid.

The various versions of worktops resistant to aggressive materials make the fume hood indispensable for any laboratory.

The fume hood includes:

  • working chamber: lifting frame with counterweights, porcelain stoneware worktop
  • grounded electrical outlet
  • conventional electrical outlet
  • all-welded metal frame, powder-coated
  • height-adjustable supports


Overall dimensions 810*700*1960 mm