Motorized Slit Lamp Table

Electric ophthalmic table – very convenient to use.

Any devices (slit lamp, autorefractometer) are easily installed on a stable tabletop and with a slight movement of the hand, this device moves in height and adjusts to any patient.

This table has wheels, which allows, if necessary, to quickly move the device inside the office.

Very comfortable, ergonomic model has proven itself from the excellent side. Feedback from our customers confirms its convenience.

Supply voltage of the alternating current network with a frequency of (50 ± 0.5) Hz, V – 220
Power consumption W, not more than – 90
Maximum load, kg, not more than – 55
Tabletop lifting height (distance from the floor), mm – from the level 630 to level 820 Tabletop size
, mm – 470×540 NET weight
kg, not more than – 21 GROSS weight
kg, not more than – 22 PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION The instrument table consists of the following main parts (see Fig. 1):

1. Table top, 2. Electric lifting stand, 3. Wheel supports, 4. Latch, 5. Control buttons, 6. Socket. 7. Fuse, 8. Switch.
– In the horizontal plane, the table moves in any direction. The selected position is fixed by “locks” (4).
— Movement of the tabletop in the vertical plane is provided by the “lifting stand” (2).
— The lifting mechanism is controlled by “control buttons” (5).