Advantages of OWEN DZ-1-SO

  • Indication (light and sound) of CO concentration reaching two threshold values.
  • High sensitivity and selectivity to CO.
  • Built-in self-diagnostics for health check
  • Output changeover e / m relay for controlling a variety of external equipment.

The detector of exceeding the level (concentration) of carbon monoxide (CO) is designed for automatic continuous monitoring of the concentration of carbon monoxide and signaling the excess of the established requirements of RD 12-341-00 (“Instructions for monitoring the content of carbon monoxide in boiler rooms”) threshold values ​​for the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air environment of industrial, administrative and residential premises, buildings and structures.

The gas detector is a stationary, wall-mounted, continuous device for detecting accumulations of carbon monoxide with a convection method of monitoring the environment. The device controls the concentration of CO in the air using an electrochemical sensitive element, the principle of which is based on changing the electrical parameters of the electrodes in contact with the electrolyte in the presence of carbon monoxide. The sensitive element has high sensitivity and selectivity to carbon monoxide

The device has two output devices of the “Electromechanical relay with changeover contacts” type, which can control various external equipment: gas shut-off valve, siren, additional light alarm, fan, etc. The sampling method used is diffusion.

The device provides an accident simulation mode that allows you to check the operability of the alarm and the output device of the device without the use of gas mixtures.

Areas of use

The gas detector OWEN DZ-1-SO is used in boiler rooms of various capacities, underground garages, basements of industrial enterprises, etc.