Advantages of OWEN DZ-1-CH4

  • Indication (light and sound) of CH4 concentration reaching the threshold value.
  • High sensitivity and selectivity to CH4.
  • Built-in self-diagnosis to check the functionality.
  • Output changeover e / m relay for controlling various external equipment.

The detector for exceeding the level (concentration) of combustible (fuel) gases is designed for automatic continuous monitoring of the content of natural gas (methane concentration – CH4 according to GOST 5542) and signaling the exceedance of the established threshold value of the pre-explosive concentration of natural gas (NKPR) in the air of industrial premises, technical and administrative buildings.

The signaling device is a stationary, wall-mounted, continuous device for detecting leaks and accumulations of combustible gas with a convection method of monitoring the environment. The control of the CH4 concentration in the air is carried out by the device using a metal oxide semiconductor sensitive element, the principle of which is based on changing the conductivity of the sensor depending on the CH4 concentration in the air.

The gas detector has one output device – an electromechanical relay with changeover contacts, which can control various external equipment: a gas shut-off valve, a siren, an additional light alarm, a fan, etc. The sampling method used is diffusion. The controlled area is approximately 50 m².

The gas detector provides for an accident simulation mode, which allows you to check the operability of the alarm and the output device of the device without the use of gas mixtures.

Areas of use

The signaling device OWEN DZ-1-CH4 is used in gas boilers of various capacities.

Letter from Rostekhnadzor on the cancellation of the “Permit for use”.