Purpose: for analysis on BOD (biological oxygen consumption), bacteriological and other studies.

Application: in hydrotechnical laboratories, in laboratories of water utilities, beer and soft drinks and distilleries, canning factories, as well as in food industry enterprises, incl. baby food, in medical institutions, centers of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision and certification centers, laboratories of the State Semin Inspectorate, veterinary institutions.


Thermostats with cooling provide:
• temperature in the chamber from 5 °C, regardless of the ambient temperature;
• uniform temperature distribution in the working chamber due to forced air circulation;
• installation and regulation of temperature from 5 °C to 60 °C;
• automatic temperature control in the working chamber;
• digital indication of current and set temperature;
• maintaining the set temperature in the working chamber during short-term power outages;
• visual control of the process due to the glass door.


Thermostats with cooling have:
• minimum time to reach the operating mode;
• low power consumption;
• optimal weight characteristics;
• sound and visual signaling of excess temperature;
• simplicity in operation;
• high reliability in work.



Working chamber volume 80 l
Adjustable temperature range, °С +5 … +60
Operating mode establishment time, h


no more than 3
Discreteness of temperature setting, °C 0,1
The accuracy of maintaining the temperature at any point of the working chamber from the average, ° С ±0,5
Maximum deviation of the average temperature of any point from the set one, °C ±1,5
Mains voltage 220В±10%
Frequency 50Гц±1%
Maximum power consumption, kW 0,25
Thermostat dimensions (width/height/depth) 530x935x625 mm
Overall dimensions of the working chamber (width/height/depth), mm 390x490x395 mm
Weight 70 kg
Average thermostat life at least 10 years
Ambient temperature during operation, °С


10… 35


Warranty – 1 year. In accordance with the passport of the equipment.