Electric dry-air thermostat TS-1 is designed to obtain and maintain a highly stable temperature inside the working chamber, which is necessary for bacteriological and serological studies in clinical diagnostic and sanitary and bacteriological laboratories of clinics and hospitals, research institutes, etc. The working chamber of the thermostat is made of of stainless steel.
At the request of the customer, the design is possible in two versions:
– double door (outer – metal, inner – glass)
– one door with built-in double-glazed window

Electric dry-air thermostat TC-1 is:
– automatic control and maintenance of the set temperature
– continuous measurement of the temperature in the working chamber of the thermostat – digital indication
of the current and set temperatures based on light-emitting elements –
lighting of the working chamber
– signaling an emergency working chamber to ensure forced air circulation – possibility of turning off the fan – minimum time to reach the operating mode – high reliability – modern design – easy handling


Working chamber volume 20 l
Adjustable temperature range, °С (rec.) … +60
Discreteness of temperature setting, °C 1
Temperature maintenance accuracy at the reference point, °С ±0,3
Maximum temperature deviation in the volume of the chamber, °С ±1
Mains voltage 220В±10%
Frequency 50Гц±1%
Maximum power consumption no more than 250 W
Thermostat dimensions (width/height/depth) 368x550x375 mm
Overall dimensions of the working chamber (width/height/depth), mm 243x323x246 mm
Weight 30 kg
Average thermostat life at least 10 years


Warranty – 1 year. In accordance with the passport of the equipment.