It is intended for kneading dough from milled grain of wheat (meal) or flour when determining the quantity and quality of gluten. It is used in laboratories of grain-receiving, flour-grinding, baking enterprises, as well as State Chemical Institute and research organizations.

Device: The
dough mixer consists of the following components of the bowl, kneading head, drive, water dosing unit, control panel, electrical panel, housing. The bowl is made in the form of a cylindrical glass with a capacity of 250 cm3. Operating

The principle of operation of the dough mixer is to mix the components placed in a bowl, form dough in it and intensively mix it with rotating pins. The required dose of water is poured into the bowl using the feed unit and the appropriate amount of flour or ground product is poured out. The bowl is inserted into the head body, turned in the grooves until it stops for secure fastening and the “Start” button is pressed. After the head stops completely, the bowl is removed and the dough shaped in the form of a “cylinder” is removed from it