Device for early diagnosis of mastitis Miltek-1

The device for early diagnosis of mastitis “Miltek-1” is intended for the diagnosis of latent mastitis in cow’s milk.

“Miltek-1” can be used during the period of control milking on commercial farms and livestock complexes, as well as for the diagnosis of mastitis in farms and private farmsteads.

“Miltek-1” easily fits into the technology of conducting veterinary activities to assess the quality of dairy products.

“Miltek-1” does not require any preliminary preparation of the sample before analysis and does not use any chemicals in the analysis. The temperature of the analyzed sample can be from +20…+39 °C.


  • Liquid crystal display
  • Full automatic diagnostics
  • Comfortable housing

Measurement time (average), sec. 5 . . . 10
Power consumption, not more than W 0.5
Time of continuous operation from built-in batteries (without backlight), not less than an hour 4
Dimensions, mm.
Weight, g. 350