• Automatic analysis in 60 seconds
  • Minimum operator experience
  • Automatic calculation of the degree of dilution for the preparation of doses (both by total concentration and by the concentration of motile spermatozoa per insemination dose)
  • Visualization (microscopy) of a semen sample on the device screen or on a computer display (with a freeze-frame effect) using a glass slide or capillary
  • Variable optical zoom from 300x to 500x
  • Full printout of analysis results
  • Semen sample-filled capillaries guarantee easy handling and can be used in any environment
  • Connect to a PC with B-Sperm
    – Import data and controls from the SQA-Vb analyzer to a computer
    – Combining different semen analysis measurements into one complete report with an attached image of the semen sample
    – View “real time” semen samples (received from the analyzer SQA-Vb) on a PC screen
    – Save test results with attached video clips or imagesDefined parameters:
  • Total Sperm Concentration (TSC)
  • Mobility
  • Translational mobility
  • Motile sperm concentration (MSC)
  • Translational Motility Sperm Concentration (PMSC)
  • average speed
  • Calculation of the degree of dilution for the preparation of dosesSpecifications
    measuring part – Light sources – two LEDs for the mobility channel and the spectrophotometer channel
    – Detector system – two photodetectors for mobility and optical density
    Sample types – Fresh sperm
    – Frozen sperm
    Specificity – Concentration: 85%
    – Mobility: 80%
    Sensitivity – Concentration: 90%
    – Mobility: 85%
    Correlation with manual method – Concentration: 0.90
    – Mobility: 0.85
    Imaging department – Lighting system with white LED
    – CCD matrix, 330 TV lines
    – Lens: standard, 20x
    – Signal output: PAL standard
    – Optical zoom 300x – 500x
    – Focus control
    Displays – Operation LCD with backlight (16 lines x 40 characters)
    – Video LCD with backlight (8 x 10 cm)
    Printer – Built-in, dot matrix
    – Paper (58mm), 20 characters per line
    – Tape cassette
    Keyboard – Function keys
    – Numeric keys
    – Arrow keys
    – Video control keys
    Interfaces – Video output connector (RCA)
    – RS-232 cable connector
    Sample testing fixtures – Measuring capillary: disposable, plastic, force-filled
    – Standard laboratory microscope slide: 20 micron depth, 22 x 22 mm coverslip
    Memory – 500 test results
    – 500 QC measurements
    Analysis time 60 seconds
    Sample testing temperature The instrument is calibrated to operate at room temperature. Mobility results will be incorrect when samples are heated
    Signals – Mobility channel input: analog, up to 5V
    – Spectrophotometer channel input: modulated (1 kHz), analog, up to 5V
    Quality control – Internal: Electronic self-check test and auto-calibration
    – External: Automatic using control materials
    Dimensions 40 x 30 x 15 cm
    Weight 4 kg
    Nutrition 100 – 250 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    System requirements for B-Sperm software CPU 1GHz or higher, RAM 256 MB, 200 MB free HDD space, AGP-Video video card with at least 16 MB RAM, Monitor 15″ with a minimum resolution of 640 x 480 and 16-bit color, Operating system Wind-ws 98/200/ XP, DirectX, DivX, RS-232 and two USB ports