Laser Therapeutic Complex

Characteristics, purpose

Designed for effective treatment of diseases of small domestic animals by low-intensity laser irradiation. Allows for painless physiotherapy procedures

The use of laser therapy as one of the new, environmentally friendly methods can increase the prestige of a veterinarian, a clinic that has this equipment, and veterinary science in general.

Low-intensity laser radiation has a regenerative-stimulating, immuno- and trophic-stimulating, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect on the body, and also compensates for the lack of metabolic energy.

Many years of experience in the use of laser equipment has confirmed the effectiveness of laser therapy in the treatment of various diseases.

The design of the device makes it possible to facilitate the work of a veterinary specialist as much as possible due to: ease of control and clear indication of modes; autonomy of food; convenient packaging (bag); availability of a specialized light guide tool; the speed of the procedures (1-3 minutes, unlike analogues).

Methodical recommendations are included in the package.