Microscope MicroOptix MX 20 ( new )


Introducing the updated binocular microscope MX-20 – a complete analogue of the Mikmed-5 microscope.

Austrian build + lowest price in class – that’s how you can describe the new MX-20.

We are the largest Russian supplier of Microoptix microscopes manufactured in Austria.

The MX20 (new) microscope was ordered specifically for a Russian consumer familiar with the domestic microscope Mikmed-5. We offer a microscope of European quality, at a price affordable to the Russian consumer.

The main characteristics of the microscope

  • Excellent value for money ;
  • Easy to use, modern design
  • Coaxial mechanism for coarse and fine focusing;
  • Improved lighting system , especially for low magnifications;
  • Four-socket revolver with a convenient tilt of the lenses “from the observer”;
  • Coordinate object table with a range of movement of 60×30 mm, the surface of the table with a special coating designed for disinfection;
  • The universal power supply built into the base of the microscope provides power to both 6V 20W lamps,
  • Increased reliability;




Magnification, times 40-1000
Observation Attachment type: binocular , eye tube
tilt angle: 30 degrees,
interpupillary distance adjustment range: 55-75 mm,
left eye tube movement range: 5 diopters,
Revolver with lens tilt “from the observer” for four lenses
Achromatic correction objectives, magnification, multiples/numerical aperture 4x/0.12
Wide-field eyepieces
visible magnification, multiple / field, mm
Subject table Two-coordinate with drug parent

Handles are coaxial, on the right.

Table size – 132×142 mm
Movement range 60×30 mm

Condenser Numerical aperture 1.25MI
Weight, kg 7
Light source Halogen incandescent lamp 6V, 20W