The dispenser is designed for use in laboratory medical institutions and research institutes located in designated areas not connected to the electrical networks of residential buildings.
It is used for dosing aqueous solutions containing up to 5% salts in mass fractions of acids (except acetic, nitric and hydrofluoric) and bases up to 2%. The dispenser is operated at an ambient temperature of 10 to 35°C and a relative humidity of 80% at 25°C.
Technical description:

The dispenser is a structure consisting of the following components: a dosing nozzle, a carriage, an electromechanical drive, controls, a dose setting unit, and a casing. Viscosity of dosed liquids should be in the range from 0.6×10-8 to 1.5×10-7 m2/s.
The dispenser has three interchangeable dispensing tips for 2 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml

Main technical characteristics:

  • Replaceable dosing nozzles for 2.0; 5.0; 10 ml:
    – per 2 ml: dosage limits 0.1-2.0 ml, scale division value 0.1 ml;
    – per 5 ml: dosage limits 0.2-5.0 ml, scale division value 0.1 ml;
    – per 10 ml: dosage limits 0.2-10 ml, scale division value 0.2 ml
  • Dispenser productivity in multiple mode 15+/-2 cycles per minute
  • The mass of the batcher – no more than 7 kg
  • The batcher works from the alternating current main with a voltage of 220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz