Automated measuring complex “ЛАКТАН” ИСП.700 for milk quality control is a new development, created on the basis of the milk quality analyzer “ЛАКТАН” ИСП.700. Providing quick control of incoming raw materials by automating the process of preparing and supplying analyzed samples, the complex minimizes time and material costs for analysis.

Time of measurement of one test – only 1,5 minutes . Due to the conveyor for automatic sample supply, the laboratory assistant’s employment during the analysis becomes minimal.

Automated measuring complex “ЛАКТАН” ИСП.700 determines 8 parameters of milk quality: mass fraction of fat, protein, solids, SOMO, density, lactose, added water and freezing point in the milk sample.

Automated measuring complex “ЛАКТАН” ИСП.700 is designed for use on large breeding farms, breeding associations and farms with a large milk turnover.


  • complex analysis of milk in automatic mode for all main indicators of quality;
  • high accuracy and reliability of analyzes;
  • high performance;
  • automated process of preparation (heating and mixing) and sample submission;
  • significant savings in time and consumables;
  • minimum effort and attention from the staff;
  • system management using a computer and software in Russian: receiving and processing data, generating reports.


Milk quality analyzer “ЛАКТАН” ИСП.700 is supplied factory graduated for whole milk.

Additional graduations are possible upon individual request :

– pasteurized milk
– sterilized milk
– cream
– skim milk
– reconstituted skimmed milk
– reconstituted skimmed
milk – canned milk
– goat milk
– and others

Using the software supplied with the analyzer, each of our clients can independently create their own calibrations (it is necessary to have milk samples and data of chemical analysis carried out by arbitration methods).

Setting the operating mode

The establishment of the operating mode takes no more than 20 minutes. Warming up is performed automatically after the analyzer is connected to the network. When the warm-up is complete, the display will show a ready-to-use message, after which you can work on it all day.

PC synchronization

Automated measuring complex “Laktan” isp. 700 is controlled by a computer. The analyzer comes with everything you need to connect, including a USB cable and software for Windows.


The built-in printer allows quick printing of analysis data.


Weight no more than 8 kg, overall dimensions 200x430x310 mm (WxDxH).


Automated measuring complex “Laktan” isp. The 700 comes factory-calibrated for cow’s milk and does not require monthly calibrations like infrared analyzers. If necessary, you can calibrate the analyzer for any type of milk using the software that comes with the kit.


Milk quality analyzer “Laktan” isp. 700 is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation under No. 73987-19, certificate No. 72810 is valid until February 11, 2024.


Verification is carried out in the Rosstandart system. Milk quality analyzer “Laktan” isp. 700 is supplied by the attorney of FGU Novosibirsk TsSM. The calibration interval is 1 year. After the expiration of the verification period, you can contact the nearest CSM with the verification procedure or any service center of the manufacturer.
Verification procedure MP 42-241(243)-2018 “GSI. Analyzers of milk and dairy products. Verification procedure” – approved by FSUE “UNIIM” on September 12, 2018.

Measurement technique

The measurement technique was certified by the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Dairy Industry, certificate of attestation 2420/230-00 dated August 21, 2000, and included in the State. register VNIMI-01-2000.

Service maintenance

Warranty: 1+1 (1 year warranty + 1 year free service).
If necessary, service centers will provide free warranty repair and post-warranty service. Repairs are carried out at a high technical level and in the shortest possible time.