Armed YX301 pulse oximeter

The Armed YX301 pulse oximeter is designed for single measurements and short-term monitoring of capillary blood oxygen saturation.

The pulse oximeter can be used at home, hospitals (including clinical use in therapy, surgery, anesthesia, resuscitation). The device is also intended for self-monitoring by patients suffering from chronic diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. People who have had a heart attack during the rehabilitation period, to control physical activity.

The Armed YX301 pulse oximeter is also recommended for patients receiving oxygen therapy.

Athletes can use a pulse oximeter to quickly monitor their exercise levels. During physical exertion, the muscles burn oxygen, and the level of saturation of arterial blood with oxygen falls.


  • bright design;
  • simple and convenient management;
  • low weight and dimensions (with batteries about 54 g);
  • two-color, 4-mode LCD display, display of SPO2, heart rate;
  • pulse wave display;
  • low power consumption (works more than 30 hours from 2 AAA batteries);
  • auto-off after 8 seconds after the end of use;
  • low battery indication.
SpO2 measuring range: 70%-100%
Pulse measurement range, beats per minute: 25-250
Measurement accuracy: +/-1 hit per minute or +/-1%
Power supply: two alkaline batteries, V 1.5
Voltage range, V: 2,6-3,6
Instrument dimensions, mm: 58×32
Net weight (including 2 batteries), gr: 54
Pulse oximeter: 1 PC.
AAA batteries: 2 pcs.
Carrying lace: 1 PC.
Guarantee: 1 year