Device “Eleks-7” is designed to determine the moisture content of food raw materials and products. Allows you to dry food raw materials and products at a given temperature for the required time. According to the results of weighing before and after drying, the moisture content is calculated. The device consists of a block for drying samples of food raw materials and an electronic control and monitoring unit.

The drying block consists of upper and lower heating plates connected by hinges, which allow opening the upper plate with a handle when placing a bag with a sample of food raw materials. A temperature sensor is installed in the bottom plate, connected by a cable to the electronic unit. The electronic unit contains a temperature regulation and control unit and a timer. It automatically heats the plates and maintains the set drying temperature. The timer is switched on immediately after placing a bag with a raw material sample between the plates of the drying block.

The method for determining the moisture content of food raw materials and products using the ELEKS-7 device consists of the following main operations:

  • production of paper bags (rotary or newsprint);
  • preparing and warming up the device;
  • drying, cooling, weighing and storage of packages;
  • weighing and filling dehydrated bags with raw materials;
  • drying, cooling and weighing packages with raw materials;
  • raw material moisture content calculation.


    Range of set drying temperatures, °C 50-190
    Drying temperature resolution, °C 1
    Drying block heating time to the set temperature, min 15
    Range of set values ​​of drying time, min 1 – 99
    Discreteness of set values ​​of drying time, min 1
    Exposure error of the set drying time ±5.0 s
    Power supply, V/Hz/W 220/50/1000
    Dimensions of the electronic unit, mm 200x140x55
    Drying unit dimensions, mm 280x210x125
    Weight, kg 5