Air sterilizer GP-40 SPU Standard-M (code 3123) is designed for sterilization, drying and disinfection of various medical instruments and materials.

It is used in medical institutions, dental clinics, pharmacies, etc. The sterilizer can also be used in the chemical industry and other industries, domestic institutions.


Design features and differences:


GP-40 “Standard-M”

  • case made of ordinary steel with enamel coating
  • mirrored stainless steel heating chamber
  • perforated shelves in mirrored stainless steel
  • magnetic locking of the door during the stages “mode”, “cooling” (option)
  • built-in printer (option)

GP-40 “Standard-Plus-M”

  • case made of decorated stainless steel
  • mirrored stainless steel heating chamber
  • polished stainless wire mesh shelves
  • magnetic locking of the door during the stages “mode”, “cooling”
  • built-in printer (option)

New programming features:

  • “night mode” (automatic activation of the process of sterilization, disinfection and drying after a specified time);
  • four fixed heating rates;
  • the presence of programmed modes of sterilization, disinfection and drying;
  • the ability to connect to a computer via the RS 232 interface.

Light indication:

  • digital indication of temperature and holding time in steady state.

Control, safety and notification of personnel:

  • additional protection of personnel through the use of ergonomic shelf holders;
  • double mechanical door locking system;
  • the possibility of setting the temperature of switching off the sterilizer using a mechanical adjustable mains switch;
  • when the temperature deviates from the set temperature by ±3°С, the sterilizer mode is automatically switched off with sound and light alarms;
  • automatic temperature control.



  • Volume 40 l
  • Temperature 50…200 °C
  • Accuracy ±3°C
  • Dimensions int. 360x315x360 mm
  • Timer 1…999 min.
  • Power supply 220/50 V/Hz
  • Power max. 1500 W
  • Dimensions 719x575x572 mm
  • Weight 40 kg

Programmed operating modes of the sterilizer:
Disinfection: 120 °С, 45 min.
Sterilization I: 180°C, 60 min.
Sterilization II: 160°C, 150 min.


The heating time of the loaded sterilizer to 180 °C is no more than 40 minutes.
Time of continuous operation is no more than 16 hours.
Operating temperature 10…35 °C.