Air sterilizer GP-40 SPU Standard plus-M (code 3223) is designed for sterilization, drying and disinfection of various medical instruments and materials.

It is used in medical institutions, dental clinics, pharmacies, etc. The sterilizer can also be used in the chemical industry and other industries, domestic institutions.


Key Features:

  • working chamber made of mirror stainless steel;
  • case made of decorated stainless steel;
  • adjustable temperature limiter with power off and indication when the temperature in the chamber exceeds the set temperature by more than 10 °C (code 04) (standard);
  • output to the computer RS ​​232 (code 02) (standard);
  • magnetic door interlock (code 01) (standard);
  • built-in printer (option);
  • “night mode”, which allows you to automatically start the sterilization process at a predetermined time;
  • automatic regulation and maintenance of temperature;
  • automatic countdown and indication of specified time intervals;
  • uniform distribution of temperature throughout the volume of the chamber;
  • perforated shelves made of mirrored stainless steel;
  • sealant of a special profile;
  • ergonomic shelf holders;
  • door handle provides easy and secure closing;
  • high reliability is ensured by testing all manufactured products under conditions of high temperatures and vibration, as well as by careful selection of imported components;
  • modern design;
  • low power consumption;
  • overheating protection device (sound signaling of non-compliance of the set parameters and shutdown in case of overheating in the chamber 235 ° C).

Programmatically set operating modes of the sterilizer:

  • Disinfection: 120 °C, 45 min.
  • Sterilization I: 180 °C, 60 min.
  • Sterilization II: 160 °C, 150 min.

The heating time of the loaded sterilizer to 180 °C is no more than 40 minutes.
Time of continuous operation is no more than 16 hours.
Operating temperature 10…35 °C. Specifications:

  • Volume 40 l
  • Temperature 50…200 °C
  • Accuracy ±3°C
  • Dimensions int. 360x315x360 mm
  • Timer 1…999 min.
  • Power supply 220/50 V/Hz
  • Power max. 1500 W
  • Dimensions 719x575x572 mm
  • Weight 40 kg