The method of viscometric analysis of somatic cells in milk is based on the interaction of the drug “Мастоприм” with somatic cells, as a result of which the consistency of milk changes.

Preparation of the drug “Мастоприм”

The solution of Мастоприм used in the process of work in water should be prepared as follows:
Weigh 3.5 g of Мастоприм, place in a volumetric flask or cylinder with a capacity of 100 cm³ and add to the mark with distilled water heated to 30-35ºС. Shake the solution before use until the sediment is evenly distributed.

The shelf life of the solution is 24 hours at a temperature of 10-30ºС.

After turning the mixing unit to its initial position with a pipette or syringe, pour 5 ml of the prepared Мастоприм solution and 10 ml of the filtered and mixed milk sample into the analyzer flask. In order to avoid the formation of foam, pour the milk sample along the inner wall of the flask.

The acidity of the tested milk should be from 16 to 21º T,

100 grams of “Мастоприм” is designed for 570 samples of analyzed milk.