“Mastitis-Test” is an indicator of mastitis in milk. The principle of its operation is based on measuring the electrical conductivity of milk, the value of which is proportional to the content of salts in it, which increases with inflammation of the udder.

“Mastitis-Test” allows you to identify clinical and subclinical forms of udder inflammation in cows with differentiation by quarters, i.e. before milking, it is possible to quickly, without the use of chemicals, identify diseased and healthy parts. It takes 2 minutes to examine one animal.

A sample for analysis does not require preparation, 5-10 ml of milk is enough. For the most accurate results, the first jets from each teat are used. Numerical values ​​are displayed on the display, by the value of which one can judge the presence and degree of the inflammatory process in a particular quarter.

The mastitis indicator is powered by an element of the “Krone” type.

This device replaces chemicals, thereby providing a great economic effect.