Vacuum tubes for plasmolifting (9 ml) with separating gel. Pack of 50pcs! Sold in a pack!

We offer specialized vacuum tubes with separating gel, which guarantee profit from the first day of Plasmolifting introduction into the daily practice of the clinic. Test tubes manufactured under the brand name Plasmolifting contain high-purity sodium heparinate of infusion quality.

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The advantage of using sodium heparinate of infusion quality is that sodium is a natural component of the intercellular environment, and in order to obtain optimal characteristics of the injectable form of PRP, it is sufficient to use the minimum amount of sodium ions that do not have any negative effects on the human body.

The second important difference between the specialized test tubes of the Plasmolifting trademark is that they contain a specially developed separation gel inside, which increases the performance of plasma purification during centrifugation. The separation gel is composed of an olefin copolymer which has thixotropic properties and can trap erythrocyte sedimentation and hemolysis products.

Test tubes Plasmolifting easy to use: they can be turned over, shaken and put on the table without fear – the purified plasma will not shake up and will not mix with centrifuged blood fractions. The separation gel makes it possible to maintain the properties of the plasma even at ultra-low temperatures – up to -90°C! This gives a fundamentally new opportunity to create individual banks of ready-to-use plasma with maximum biological activity for each patient. Plasmolifting test tubes make it possible to carry out treatment regardless of the quality characteristics of the patient’s blood at the moment and effectively stimulate regeneration even immediately after an illness. Since the standard course of procedures consists of four sessions with a break of 7 to 15 days, this advantage of using Plasmolifting tubes cannot be discounted.

Plasmalifting test tubes are vacuum, which makes the procedure for taking blood fast and comfortable for the doctor and the patient. Of course, there are many types of vacuum tubes on the market for medical products. However, most of them are intended for blood sampling and in vitro laboratory diagnostics and are not suitable for in vivo use of collected blood! The point is that heparin salts (extracted from the liver and lungs of cattle) used for laboratory purposes do not require a high degree of purification, since they are never introduced into the human body.

The Plasmolifting technology implies the use of only high-quality sodium heparinate of the infusion level of purification. It must be remembered that the use of low-purity heparin salts and the use of test tubes not intended for plasma-lifting can lead to severe allergic reactions! Do not expose your patients to unreasonable risk!