Ultrasonic therapy device SONOPULSE Compact 3 MHz “Cosmetology”) – a modern analogue of UZT 1.03

Scope: Cosmetology, dermatology, ophthalmology.

The main feature of the use of 3 MHz ultrasound is its low penetration depth compared to 1.0 MHz ultrasound (from 1 to 3 cm versus 6-8 cm). Therefore, ultrasound with a frequency of 3 MHz has found the greatest application in dermatology and cosmetology.

The SONOPULSE Compact 3 MHz device is ideal for cosmetic procedures, a number of procedures in the pathology of ENT organs and in ophthalmology, where, first of all, an intense superficial effect is needed without the participation of deeper structures.
In terms of functionality, SONOPULSE Compact 3 MHz is an excellent analogue of the domestic UZT 1.03 device, and thanks to its modern design, ease of use and the presence of built-in treatment protocols, it is much superior to the latter. Comparative review with the UZT device can be viewed here

For the convenience of a specialist, the SONOPULSE Compact 3.0 MHZ ultrasound machine already has a number of pre-installed protocols for treatment programs for certain diseases with the ability to adjust the main indicators (such as procedure duration, radiation mode (continuous or pulsed) and power (W / cm²) are programmed using the touch keyboard and displayed on the LCD screen).

Contents of delivery:

The use of the Sonopulse 3MHz apparatus in practice made it possible to evaluate it in various fields of medicine as follows (from 1 to 3):


Application spectrum SONOPULSE Compact 3 MHz
Dermatology ***
Cosmetology ***
Otorhinolaryngology *
Rheumatology *
Neuralgia *
Ophthalmology **
Surgery *
sports injury *


Watch a video demonstrating the operation of the Sonopulse Compact 3 MHz ultrasound therapy device:

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