ARIES TRM232M – controller for temperature control in heating systems, hot water supply and control of pumping groups. It is intended for control of ITP and TsTP of residential and industrial buildings. Complete with sensors and actuators, OWEN TPM232M provides control and regulation of temperature and pressure, controls circulation pumps of circuits, cold water pumps and make-up circuits.

Advantages of OWEN TRM232M

  • The device has 5 ready-made configurations for typical ITPs and central heating stations (the user just needs to choose his own):
    1. One Circuit: Heating
    2. Single circuit: DHW
    3. Two independent circuits: DHW + Heating, without circulation pumps
    4. Two independent circuits: Heating
    5. Two independent circuits: Heating + DHW
  • Complete automation of one circuit with one device (no expansion module).
  • Cold water pump control.
  • Quick configuration (setting) of the device:
    • instructions for quick start of the system from the instrument panel – “Quick start”;

Functionality OWEN TRM232M

  • Regulation of the heating circuit according to the temperature graph.
  • Control of circulation pumps with rotation and automatic input of a reserve (ATS), make-up pumps and cold water.
  • Universal analog input.
  • Power saving mode at night and weekends.
  • Control of excess return water.
  • Automatic tuning of PID controllers.
  • Automatic selection of modes (heating / night / summer / reverse / sensor failure / pump failure).
  • Diagnosis of emergencies (breakage of temperature sensors and position sensors, malfunction of pumps).
  • Support for RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces for operation in the dispatching system.
  • Support for exchange protocols: ARIES, Modbus-RTU and Modbus-ASCII.
  • Quick controller setup
    • manually from the instrument panel – according to the “Quick start” instructions.