TPM1033 is a specialized controller with ready-made algorithms for supply ventilation automation. The controller allows you to control standard ventilation units to achieve the most comfortable supply air temperature for the premises:

  • Supply ventilation with water heater
  • Forced ventilation with electric heating. (up to 3 steps)
  • Supply ventilation with water heating and water cooling
  • Supply ventilation with water heating and freon cooling
  • Supply ventilation with electric heating and freon cooling

The number of ready-made algorithms and the ability to control ventilation units (for example, humidifier, backup fan, recirculation, etc.) will increase.

Comparative table of controllers for ventilation and air conditioning OWEN







Supply systems
Supply and exhaust systems
Water heater
Electric heater
water cooler
Freon cooler
Cascade room temperature control
Air damper control Discrete Discrete Discrete/Analog
Valve control Pulse Pulse/0…10 V/4…20 mA Pulse/0…10 V
Analogue heating stage control    
Power supply of the device, V 220 220 220/24
temperature sensor Pt50/Pt100 Pt100/Pt1000/Ni1000 Pt100/Pt1000/Ni1000/NTC10k
Alarm log
Manual control
Scheduled work