ToupCam 9.0 MP video eyepiece (9.0 MP, software)

The video eyepiece for the ToupCam 9.0 MP microscope is a small-sized color video attachment that displays the image observed through the microscope. The functionality of the software allows you to save photos and videos in the computer’s memory. Among the software tools there is a ruler, a protractor, an area meter.

The video eyepiece can work with all types of microscopes (Mikmed, Micromed, Biomed, etc.). Installation is made either in the tube of the trinocular head of the microscope, or instead of one of the eyepieces in the eyepiece tube.

The camera matrix with a resolution of 3488×2616 (9.0 MP) and a grain size of 1.67X 1.67 microns allows you to take photos of excellent quality.



TopCam 9.0
Image sensor 1/2.4″ CMOS
Pixel size 1.67X 1.67µm
Sensitivity 0.31 Volt/Lux per second at 550 nm



Shooting frequency 1.9 fps 3488×2616
8 fps 1744×1308
27 fps 872×654
Dynamic Range 65.2 dB
Spectral range 380-650nm (IR filter)
Gate ERS (Electronic Rotary Shutter)
white balance Automatic / manual
Auto exposure Automatic / manual
Image Output USB 2.0, 480 Mbps
Power supply USB 2.0


Image size, brightness, gain, exposure time
Working temperature 0°С +60°С
Camera Body Black painted metal body
USB cable USB cable, length 2 m
operating system Windows XP (5P2), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


Image processing software ToupView.

Driver supporting DShow & Twain interface, RGB24 output

Accessories included 2 adapters (Ø 23.2 – 30, Ø 23.2 – 30.5