АТП-02 is a fully automated high-precision potentiometric titrator.

The device meets all the requirements for this class of equipment: continuous and discrete supply of titrant (range from 0.1 – to 36 ml / min – with a volume of 20 ml dosing device; and from 0.25 to 90 – ml / min – with volume of the dosing device 50 ml), automatic – changing the feed rate as it approaches the equivalence point or set point, etc.

The instrument allows titrations to be carried out using the following methods:

  • general method of potentiometric titration
  • determination of acid and alkaline number of oil products according to GOST 11384-46
  • determination of total acidity by the Bruevich method
  • determination of dissolved oxygen by the Winkler method
  • acid-base titration
  • titration according to the method of complex formation
  • titration according to the precipitation method

These methods also make it possible to determine acid and – alkaline numbers, the content of S, Cl, Pb and other substances in petroleum products, – mineral and edible oils and other products in accordance with GOST.

The titrator is controlled using the Titrate-5.0 software package, which is supplied in three types – configurations with different levels of functionality:

  • basic configuration Titrate-5.0 Base (supplied as standard)
  • extended complete set Titrate-5.0 Deluxe (option)

The Titrate-5.0 Base software package provides the following main functions

Three titration methods:
1) direct titration;
2) titration to a given point in pH;
3) titration to a given point in mV.

Four measurement modes:
1) automatic measurement mode for determining the equivalent point with a discrete supply of titrant into the sample;
2) automatic mode of measurement to a given point in pH or mV with discrete supply of titrant to the sample;
3) automatic measurement mode for determining the equivalent point with a continuous supply of titrant to the sample;
4) manual measurement mode.

Calibration of the working electrode in pH units.
Constructor of measurement methods.
Automatic and manual processing of measurement results.
Measurement logging.
Operating mode Analyzer. Full automation of operations in accordance with the chosen methodology.
Program Manager.

Service subroutines:
– flushing of the titrator;
– disassembly of the titrator;
– measuring the pH of the sample;
– measurement of sample potential;
– dosing of the solution into the cell;
– stabilization of the potential in the solution before the start of the measurement;
– setting up the program for the ATP-02 device.

In addition to the specified configurations of the Titrate-5.0 software package, the ATP-02 titrator is supplied with target programs for performing measurements for special tasks:

  • Titrate-5.0 Chlorides. Measurement of chloride salts in oil and oil products according to GOST 21534-76(A), ASTM B 6470-99
  • Titrate-5.0 Sulfur. Measurement of H2S and mercaptan sulfur in oil and oil products according to GOST 17323-71, ASTM B 3227-00


  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 210x220x310 – mm
  • Weight: no more than 5 kg
  • Power consumption (without PC), not more than: 40.0 VA
  • Power supply: 220.22/50V/Hz
  • The maximum volume – the dosing device 20,0; 50.0
  • Volume readout resolution – titrant 0.001 ml
  • Basic relative dosing error, % – 0.15

Measurement range:

  • Voltages from -2000 to 2000 mV
  • pH(pX) values ​​- from -20 to 20 pH(pX) units
  • temperatures from 0 to 100 °C
  • Basic absolute – measurement error:
  • Voltages 1.0 – mV
  • pH values ​​(pX) for – monovalent ions 0.01 pH units (pX)
  • pH values ​​(pX) for divalent ions 0.02 – unit pH(pX)
  • temperature 1.0 – °C

The titrator ATP-02 is included in the State Register – measuring instruments.

Standard delivery set:

  • titration unit ATP-02
  • burette with a volume of 20 ml (50 ml – on request)
  • magnetic stirrer
  • anchor for magnetic stirrer
  • liquid tract (3 capillaries and spout)
  • combined pH electrode (0…12 pH, 0…40 °C)
  • resistance thermometer
  • tripod
  • Titrate-5.0 Base software (for Windows XP)
  • cable for connecting to a computer (RS-232 port)
  • diskette with the registration file of the titration unit


Software Titrate-5.0 Deluxe
Software Titrate-5.0 Sulfur
Software Titrate-5.0 Chloride