Complies with the requirements of GOST 3900, ASTM D1298, IP 160 and ISO 3675
Temperature control range +15…+100 °C
The thermostat has a metal bath with a transparent window


Temperature control range +15…+100 °С
Instability of maintaining the set temperature ±0.1 °С
Inhomogeneity of the temperature field in the working volume of the thermostat ±0.1 °С
Bath volume 30 l
Recommended coolant:
for temperature range +15…+80 °C distilled water
for temperature range +15…+100 °C coolant coolant 40 (TOSOL A-40) or PMS-20
Thermostat dimensions 330×275×775 mm
The open part of the bath 120×210 mm
Bath depth 500 mm
Viewing window dimensions 190×480 mm
Weight of the thermostat without coolant 22 kg
Power consumption 2.5 kW