Thermostats BFW-1050 (for defrosting solutions, plasma, blood substitutes

The BFW-1050 thermostat is designed to obtain and maintain a highly stable temperature inside the working chamber, which is necessary for the process of defrosting packages with frozen liquid (including plasma and blood substitutes).

The working chamber of thermostats is made of mirror stainless steel. Has 2 shelves.

The working chamber is tightly closed with two doors, one of which is made of ordered glass, which allows you to observe the defrosting process without stopping the operating mode.

BFW-1050 is:

  • automatic regulation and maintenance of the set temperature;
  • continuous temperature measurement in the working chamber of the thermostat;
  • digital indication of the current and set temperature based on light-emitting elements;
  • illumination of the working chamber;
  • emergency signaling.

Advantages of the BFW-1050 thermostat:

  • low power consumption;
  • light weight;
  • uniform temperature distribution in the working chamber;
  • the presence of a fan inside the working chamber to ensure forced air circulation;
  • the minimum time to reach the operating mode;
  • high reliability;
  • modern design;
  • ease of handling.



The volume of the working chamber, l


Adjustable temperature range:
lower value


upper value


Overall dimensions, WxDxH, mm
external 350x450x450
cameras 200x200x250
Discreteness of temperature assignments, Сº


Accuracy of maintaining temperature at the reference point of the thermostat chamber in operating mode, Сº


Limit deviations of temperature in the volume of the chamber, Сº


Mains voltage, V


Frequency Hz


Maximum power consumption, W, no more


Net mass, kg


Gross mass, kg


Average service life, years, not less


Ambient temperature during operation, Сº