Thermometer digital mini-zamer-D

The thermometer is designed to measure the temperature in bunkers, elevators, storages. Can be used to measure the temperature of grain, hay, silage, soil, flour, sand, cement, concrete and other bulk materials.

  • temperature measurement range -40…+200 (450) °C
  • measurement accuracy:
  • in the range -10… +100 °С +/-0.5
  • in the range -40… +200 °С +/-1
  • overall dimensions, 51х20 mm (block) handle 200 mm
  • standard probe length 2 m
  • power supply, 3 V battery (CR2032)

In this version, the device is produced with a pointed probe made of stainless steel (12X18H10T), 10 mm in diameter, from 50 cm to 2.5 m long, and a handle for convenience when immersing and removing the thermal converter into the measured medium.
To order, the thermometer display can be installed in a plane perpendicular to the temperature sensor (in the form of a carnation).
The device is produced in a sealed, metal case (case material is duralumin). The device has a fairly wide range of temperature measurement, allowing it to be used in confectionery, meat, dairy, petrochemical, and other industries.
The durable duralumin housing allows it to be used in the most difficult conditions, in addition, the LCD indicator is designed for use at sub-zero temperatures, allowing it to be used in unheated rooms and outdoors.